EFT Technologies is advancing the next generation of reward tokens by utilizing its EternalFlow ecosystem in order to drive transaction volume and dividends for its community through P2E game revenues.

Feature 01


Our native token with it’s unique tokenomics was created to simulate the owner structure and shares in conventional economy. 15% of all transactions are distributed back to the investors as dividends and a significant portion of the revenues from all the company’s projects will flow back to EFT to create steady volume and more passive income for all investors..

Feature 02


Scroll of Wisdom is the core token for EFT Technologies’ soon to be released “Eternal – Fighters of Legend” play-to-earn game. The token will be used in the game as a reward token and for creating new character NFTs.

Feature 03


This will be the first installment in a series of P2E games that will help us grow the EternalFlow ecosystem, driving revenues for EFT buybacks, burns, and usage. Players can build their Clans through the Fighters of Legend Marketplace before heading off into battle, train, explore, buy land, earn and more.


EternalFlow Token (EFT) is owned by its parent project EFT Technologies. EFT aims to advance the next generation of reward tokens with 15% wrapped Ethereum dividends, NFT’s, and a planned NFT based P2E game with revenue sources all connected to the EternalfFlow ecosystem. This will deliver added value in the form of EFT buybacks, greater token burns, more locked liquidity, and developing the ability to swap between different reflection tokens.


Join the EternalFlow revolution and maximize your earnings! By staking your SCROLL OF WISDOM (SOW) tokens for ETERNALFLOW TOKEN (EFT), you tap into a stream of passive income, with 15% of all transactions returned as bep-ETH dividends. Plus, playing the exciting "Eternal – Fighters of Legend" game earns you SOW tokens, which can be further staked for EFT. Don't miss this 3-month exclusive staking opportunity to boost your earnings. Stake SOW, earn EFT, and revolutionize your gaming economy!

Stake SOW


ETERNAL: FIGHTERS OF LEGEND The first in this series of games, Eternal Fighters of Legend, aims to expand the EternalFlow ecosystem and provide a consistent source of transaction volume for EFT. Within the Eternal Fighters of Legend marketplace, players will establish their clans by exploring, buying land, gaining SOW tokens, and training their fighters as they prepare to go into battle.

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To progress in the game, players can use SOW and Binance Smart Chain (BNB) to acquire gear and new fighters in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) via the in-game marketplace. Players will also acquire SOW tokens throughout the game, which can be used to train fighters. The players can then use the SOW earned from selling NFTs to stake for additional rewards in the form of the company’s native EFT token.

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This Reflection Calculator will allow you to predict your estimated daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rewards based on the size of your EFT Holdings as well as the current daily volume. You can edit those 2 variables and let your imagination run free looking at the potential EternalFlow of rewards coming your way! (For best results, please use USD currency settings on your device.)

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